1:100 Part Section of School

The model was conceived and built within 9 days and subsequently formed part of a major presentation including 3 illuminated 1:500 site models showing 3 different school designs.


1:20 Portacabin Site Office

At 1:20 scale, this was quite a large and detailed model of what, on the face of it, is an uninspiring subject. However the model was actually commissioned to illustrate a proposed "environmentally friendly" site office featuring solar panels, rainwater collection, and a wind turbine.


1:200 Private House Redevelopment

With complex landforming and a detailed landscaping layout, this 1:200 scale model was used to illustrate the overall redevelopment proposals for the site of this private house.


1:150 Apartment Development Model

At 1:150 scale, we were able to capture an authentic feel for the detailing and architectural character of this residential development. These types of fully detailed marketing models help prospective purchasers buy with a lot more confidence.


Cardiff Bay Visitor Centre Model 1:750 – Rebuild/Refurbish

Cardiff Bay Visitor Centre Model 1:750 – Rebuild/Refurbish Originally built in 1990, this huge model measuring some 10 metres long by 5 metres wide was in dire need of updating and refurbishing. The whole model had to be dismantled and brought to our workshops (in 28 pieces), where it was stripped back to its original components and completely re-sprayed and rebuilt. It was then reassembled back at the visitor centre, looking as good as new and ready for 15 more years of service. We have also built a half size copy of this model which features in the Architectural pages on this web site. The buildings are made from beech wood. Some landmark buildings are highlighted in white.