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We are often asked to produce scale models of industrial machines or equipment, from quite simple representations to highly detailed, very realistic-looking replicas. These industrial models are normally used at trade shows or exhibitions, but a few have been commissioned simply for display in board rooms or reception areas. Scroll down to see a wide and varied selection of the industrial models we have produced in the past (visit our Exhibition Models page for more).

Transformer Model – Scale 1:20 Transformer Model – Scale 1:20 The client for this project was on site in India when we first sent him images of the finished model. His comments were... “Absolutely brilliant, I'm here in India with the Senior Project Manager who managed this project for 2 years and he can't believe it’s just a model”. We were particularly pleased with the results ourselves, especially as it was such a technically demanding project due to the need for a high level of accuracy and very authentic detailing. The model is made predominantly out of laser-cut acrylic components with very careful hand finishing and assembly, plus a final coat of paint of course. It was mounted on a square base with a Perspex cover (overall dimensions about 650mm high). The client was so pleased with this model they came back to us for 4 more models of a different design (scroll down to see pics).
GSK Biogas Waste Treatment Plant – 1:200 Scale GSK Biogas Waste Treatment Plant – 1:200 Scale This is the second major project we’ve completed for the blue chip pharmaceuticals manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline who demand the very highest standards from all their suppliers and sub contactors. The previous model, a 3D representation of their penicillin manufacturing plant (shown further down this page) was used as an orientation tool for visitors to the site. This new model demonstrates how the company harnesses biogases from their waste treatment process to fuel a newly installed Combined Heat & Power facility. The colour coding of the pipes indicates the different stages of the treatment process. You’ll notice they have also installed a large wind turbine on the site to further demonstrate their commitment to sustainable energy. We subsequently updated this model to include a touch-screen information panel linked to interactive illumination on the model (see Interactive Models above).

Subsea industrial model – 1:8 Scale Subsea industrial model – 1:8 Scale Produced for use at exhibitions, this is a 1:8 scale model of a seabed scanning machine that locates unexploded ordnance on the sea floor. This was a technically complex project because it had to include a movable boom arm and a traversing gantry linked to two belt and cog mechanisms on opposite sides of the main structure. The model was set on a sloping seabed to demonstrate the self-levelling legs that were a major feature of this sophisticated piece of equipment.

West Cardinal Buoy Model – 1:4 scale West Cardinal Buoy Model – 1:4 scale A company that produces and maintains navigation buoys around Britain’s coastlines asked us to produce this quarter scale model of one of their standard buoys for use at exhibition events. At 2.2m tall it had to be made in sections that could be packed in flight cases for shipping but that could be easily assembled on site. If you click on the main photo above you can see the full extent of the model. To add some extra visual interest we came up with the idea of mounting it on a clear Perspex tube to give the impression that it was floating.
Mooring Component Model – 1:1 Scale Mooring Component Model – 1:1 Scale When we were commissioned to produce this 2.2m high display model of a mooring component for the offshore wind turbine industry, the client’s overriding brief was to keep it as light as possible. They also wanted it to fit into two compact, flight cases that could be shipped as “extra luggage” on flights. Our solution was to use vac-formed plastic shells for the main body of the model and hollow construction for the yellow end sections which kept the overall weight under 20Kg. The model was designed in four main sections that would fit into the flight cases but could be easily assembled on site.

Model for aircraft boarding ramp – 1:25 scale Model for aircraft boarding ramp – 1:25 scale At 1:25 scale this model of an aircraft boarding system was only 450mm long but as you can see from the photo we were able to include plenty of realistic detail including scaled down branding and and even a fold-down ramp (click on the photo to see this). The finished model also came with a clear Perspex cover and a foam lined transportation case.
6U Satellite Model – Life-size 6U Satellite Model – Life-size We’ve made several variations of this life-size CubeSat model for a number of different clients. Designed for easier shipping, this model comes as five separate main components – a branded acrylic base, a tubular stainless steel mount, a main body, and two plug-in solar array panels that can be easily slotted together on site. Even the aerials slot into place once the main model is assembled.

CryoBattery Power Station – 1:150 scale CryoBattery Power Station – 1:150 scale Although this is very much a stylised representation of a CryoBattery power station the main purpose of the model was to illustrate the operating processes of the system which uses renewable sources to compress air in tanks which can later be used to generate power. In effect, it acts as large battery to store energy for when it is most needed. To demonstrate this we’ve used interactive LED lighting effects combined with strong colours to indicate the different stages of the process. The LED illumination rises slowly upwards to the top of the vessels and then gradually drops down again to represent the “filling up” and “emptying” phases of the CryoBattery system. Visit the “Interactive Models” page to see a “lights on” view of this model.
Sectional Model – 1:20 scale Sectional Model – 1:20 scale This is the third educational model we’ve produced for the University of South Wales. Aimed at students in the construction sector, the purpose of this model was to illustrate the major elements that make up a typical commercial office building, including foundations, steel work, cladding components and final external finishes. As you can see from the images this was a very technically complex project but the client knew from previous models we’d produced for him that we had the skill and understanding to deliver an extremely accurate, perfectly detailed demonstration model.

Ventilation System Cut-away View - 1:20 scale Water Purification System – 1:8 Scale This model of Veolia’s Orion Purified Water Treatment system is one of several we’ve completed for this major international company. Built from the engineering drawings, the model is extremely accurate and shows all the significant working components of the system to an easily identifiable level. The model was designed it with internal steel supports bolted to the underside of the base so that it could withstand frequent shipping. We also supplied a custom made aluminium flight case with a tailored internal foam cushion lining.

Water Purification System – 1:8 Scale Ventilation System Cut-away View - 1:20 scale As with many of our clients this is another example where a company has come back to us for a second model after being really pleased with the first project we completed for them. The client wanted to show a simplified cut-away view of their product that would help them to explain to potential customers the internal components of the system and the reliability and cost benefits it could offer. They were very happy that this model fulfilled the brief perfectly.

Military Equipment Model PURIBAD – Scale 1:10 Military Equipment Model "PURIBAD" – Scale 1:10 Platform, Universal, Rigid Inflatable Boat, Airborne Delivery... the name is an acronym for a platform specially designed for parachuting ready-to-go speedboats (or RIBs) into the sea. The model was commissioned as a demonstration tool for use at exhibitions. The client needed all the working components to be accurately modelled (hooks, straps, spring release clips, etc) so that he could explain the simplicity of the design and what made it such a reliable, proven system. It was a challenging project because of the high level of detail required and the wide variety of model making techniques needed to make all the model components.

Biogas Boiler Model – Scale 1:50 Biogas Boiler Model – Scale 1:50
Water Purifier Model – Scale 1:8 Water Purifier Model – Scale 1:8
These two industrial models for completely differing industries were completed around the same time. One of the models shows a Biogas boiler set in a monochromatic context (to highlight the boiler) and the other shows a water purification system. Both models were for use at trade shows/exhibitions in UK and abroad and were supplied with purpose-built flight cases. The water purification model was one of a pair and actually had removable panels to show the interior workings but for confidentiality reasons we are unable to show these views. The Biogas boiler model featured white LED uplighters to highlight it within the general plant room context. Unfortunately it was only after the model had gone that we realised we didn’t have any photos with the lights on!

Industrial Model of Profiler - Scale Actual Size Industrial Model of Profiler - Scale Actual Size This was a life-size industrial model of a piece of equipment that “profiles” the contents of large storage tanks for oil and associated industries. The client already had a steel mock up of the real thing but it was incredibly heavy and therefore difficult to transport. Made predominantly from plastics, our model was much lighter. We actually produced three identical units which included 500mm diameter acrylic display tubes and purpose-built flight boxes. They have been sent off to exhibition venues in various parts of the world.
Industrial Model of Container Tilter – Scale 1:10 Industrial Model of Container Tilter – Scale 1:10 This unusual, life-size model was designed to illustrate the technical aspects of the client’s product at a trade exhibition. The product is a moulded paver panel that creates durable and attractive parking and vehicle access areas, with a choice of either gravel or grass top filling. Essentially, the model shows a typical construction method from surface to subsoil level. The whole thing comes apart for easy transportation and the client has since added branding to the panel in the centre of the tyre.

Pharmaceutics Factory Model – Scale 1:75 Pharmaceutics Factory Model – Scale 1:75 GlaxoSmithKline needed a simplified representation of this facility to help illustrate the processes involved in Penicillin production. Our solution was this stylized 3D representation of the building with floor plates in clear acrylic, allowing the viewer to appreciate, at a glance, the vertical and horizontal layout of all the major industrial components involved in the process. Creating the model involved deciphering and rationalizing a huge volume of technical drawings so that we could design a pared down representation of the main production equipment. A crucial part of this process was keeping an ongoing dialogue with the client to make sure we were interpreting the information correctly. At just over 2.4 metres long, the model can be easily viewed by a group of people, making it an ideal starting point for a tour of the building.

Plasma Power Station Model – Scale 1:250 Plasma Power Station Model – Scale 1:250 The brief for this project was to create a stylized representation of this power station building that could be packed into a travel case and taken as hand luggage on international flights. This meant the overall dimensions of the case had to be no bigger than 560 x 450 x 240mm. The only way this was possible was to make the model in two halves that stacked back to back inside the foam-lined case. The chimney stacks were too tall to fit so we designed them to be unscrewed and packed flat during transit.

Three Industrial Transformer Models – 1:20 Scale Three Industrial Transformer Models – 1:20 Scale We had already made one transformer model for this client (shown above) and it generated such a positive response from their overseas colleagues that they came back to us for four more, one for UK use and three to send abroad. The three models shown in the picture were the export orders; one went to Brazil and two to China. If you compare these models with the one above you’ll see that these are a completely different design but are made to the same very high standard. Click on the image to see a close up showing the high level of detail we can achieve at this large scale (the models are over a metre long).

Interactive Ships Thruster Model – Scale 1:10 Interactive Ships Thruster Model – Scale 1:10 Commissioned to be shipped to a trade show in Germany, this unusual industrial model was a real challenge because of the very complex shaped components involved and also because of the requirement for a very specific interactive element. The model needed to demonstrate the USP of the client’s product and, as such, it had to incorporate a rotating propeller (with speed control) and a movable deflector (clockwise and anti-clockwise) at 6rpm. We also had to work out how to mount the model in a cut-away view of a ship’s bows and create a cut-away view of the thruster to show the main working components.
Model with cut-away internal view – Scale 1:2 Model with cut-away internal view – Scale 1:2 The client for this project was actually the supplier of the oil that goes inside the transformer who wanted to show a typical application of their product in use – hence the cut-away view. The contained oil is represented by 0.5mm clear acrylic with a pale, slightly rippled amber lacquered finish. It was important that the volume of oil was visible to the eye but clear enough to allow slightly distorted views of the transformer’s internal components. The model was supplied with a purpose-built, aluminium framed flight case because its first use was to be shipped overseas to a trade exhibition.

Ukube Satellite Model - Scale 1:1 Ukube Satellite Model - Scale 1:1 Made for the UK Space agency, this model was a life-size replica because the real satellite was only about 350mm long so there was no need to scale it down. We’ve actually made several of these satellite models with possibly more to follow. They’re used for educational presentations and were made with working hinges so that the solar panels and antennae could be deployed in the same way as the real thing.
Gaia Satellite Model - Scale 1:15 Gaia Satellite Model - Scale 1:15 Realistically detailed model of Europe’s new space observatory. Large areas of this spacecraft are composed of different coloured, highly reflective fabrics and we needed to replicate the uneven, shiny character of these materials on the model. We also had to create a representation of the optical bench, complete with concave mirrors, inside the main body of the spacecraft (click on the image to view). We were subsequently commissioned to produce three further copies for the UK Space agency.

Sub-sea control module – Scale 1:1 Sub-sea Control Module – Scale 1:1 Not all the models we make are scaled down to a smaller size. This model of a sub sea control module (used in the deep sea oil industry) is life-size replica of the real thing. The model is about 900mm square and was commissioned because the client wanted a lightweight version of the product to take to exhibition venues. The real unit was extremely heavy and difficult to transport whereas our lookalike version, made from thin plastics, could be easily lifted by two men.
Mobile Oil Services Vehicles – Scale 1:50 Mobile Oil Services Vehicles – Scale 1:50 The purpose of this model was to demonstrate this company’s fleet of new, purpose-built trailers supplying mobile oil related services to industry. We were able to buy “off the shelf” DAF tractors and brand them with the company’s livery but the trailers had to be built from scratch to incorporate a simplified representation of the client’s oil processing equipment. The roofs of the trailers look as though they have been left off but they are actually made from clear 0.5mm acrylic to allow views into the interior whilst protecting the internal components. The transformer installation was also made from scratch, at a slightly simplified level.

Trident Missile- Scale non-specific Trident Missile- Scale non-specific At 2 metres tall this model of a Trident Missile is certainly not life-size and in fact we were unable to establish the exact dimensions of the real thing, hence the “Scale non-specific” comment above. It was made from a combination of fibreglass and plastics and had a painted and lacquered finish. The model was designed for use as an eye-catching display at exhibitions in the UK and abroad. Because it was destined to do so much travelling, the client asked us to design and build a tailor-made protective flight case.
Industrial Model of Scrubbing Column - Scale 1:25 Industrial Model of Scrubbing Column - Scale 1:25 This is a model of an industrial component for the LNG gas processing industry. It’s actually called a “Scrubbing Column” and the real thing is over 25 metres tall and 3 metres wide at the base. At this scale (1:25), it’s about a metre tall. When the client commissioned the model we came up with the idea of giving it a tubular Perspex cover on a circular turntable base so that the model could be rotated to be viewed from all sides.

Fully Functional R/C Crane Model - Scale 1:12 Fully Functional R/C Crane Model - Scale 1:12 This working model was commissioned by a provider of specialist training for signalmen and crane operators who needed a fully functioning crane model to use during his training sessions. The most cost effective solution was to convert an off-the-shelf toy into a purpose-built machine. This involved scrapping about 70% of the original model, adapting the radio controlled motors to perform new functions, and remaking all the major working components. The model is now fixed to a desk in their training rooms and used on a weekly basis. It’s definitely not a toy (although we did have a lot of fun “testing” it before it left our workshops).
Portacabin Site Office - Scale 1:25 Portacabin Site Office - Scale 1:25 At this quite large scale, this was a fairly detailed model of what, on the face of it, is an uninspiring subject. However the model was actually commissioned to illustrate a proposed "environmentally friendly" site office featuring solar panels, rainwater collection, and a wind turbine. To get a sense of the size, if you look closely at the image you can see a 50p piece in the foreground at the bottom of the stairs.
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