About Modelmakers

Here at Modelmakers, we have a large, enthusiastic and highly skilled team of model making specialists. This team has evolved over the past few years into a very stable, highly motivated workforce with one common goal: enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done. As such, we take personal pride in the quality of every project that leaves the workshop. We believe that, by focusing on quality rather than quantity, we can enjoy our work and build customer satisfaction. Take a quick look at our Testimonials page to see the positive feedback we get from this approach.

Having completed many hundreds of widely varying projects for hundreds of widely varying clients, we’ve learned two basic truths: teamwork is crucial, and communication is even more crucial. Both are essential for the successful completion of the conceptual models we produce, and we believe that the client is just as much a part of this process as we are. We feel it is important to keep the client informed and involved as their model progresses so that any unforeseen issues can be resolved before they become major problems.

Communication is the key. If we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it. If there’s something we can’t do, we’ll tell you right away, rather than giving it a go and hoping for the best. If something doesn’t quite make sense to us, we’ll query it, rather than ploughing blindly on.

It’s not rocket science, but it works. The bigger and more complicated a project is, the more crucial these simple principles are. It’s an approach that’s enabled us to consistently produce top quality conceptual models, time after time, for almost two decades.

Proprietor – Steve Wynne-Owen

After graduating from the Welsh School of Architecture, Steve Wynne-Owen set up Modelmakers in 1991, initially as a service to architects and developers in the Wales and the South West of England. From small beginnings, the business grew steadily and diversified its services into many different model making fields. Today, our client base is spread all over the UK and the company frequently exports to various parts of Europe, Russia, and the USA.
Some of our clients