Laser Cutting and Engraving

With our high speed laser cutter, we can cut or engrave intricate shapes or patterns in a variety of materials, including most plastics, wood, MDF, card, paper, leather, fabrics, etc. We can then spray the finished product any colour you like.

Our laser cutting experts can achieve an extremely fine level of detail, and we can even engrave monochromatic photographic images on to a variety of surfaces. Examples of our laser cutting service can be seen below – for more information, give us a call on +44 (0)29 2048 6497.

Debut Debut The client needed two versions of this sign, in a hurry, for a major marketing event. The background colour had to be right and the letters had to be cut from solid acrylic for long term durability.
Jigsaw Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle This custom designed jigsaw puzzle is one of a set of four that were made as an educational exercise for children visiting a historic castle. The puzzle pieces are created from a decorative floor motif in one of the castle rooms.

Laser-cut Brain Puzzle – 1:1 scale Laser-cut Brain Puzzle – 1:1 scale These multi-coloured 2D puzzles are part of a set of six commissioned to help teach young students about different parts of the brain. They wanted a puzzle based on an existing, brightly coloured 2D diagram so we suggested creating the sections from layers of different coloured 5mm thick acrylic. This meant the pieces were self-coloured all the way through, rather than having a painted or printed finish which could chip, and we were able to to laser-engrave thin vein lines on the front faces and labels on the backs. We also laser-cut the profiled trays from two layers of white acrylic and created small cardboard folders to protect the puzzles when not in use.
Educational DNA puzzle Educational DNA puzzle We created multiple units of these educational puzzles for the Neuroscience department at the local University. The puzzles, a simplified representation of DNA, were designed as a rough sketch by the client which we then drew up accurately in CAD for final approval by the university. The initial order was for a set of four but with an expectation of additional units at a later date.

Engraved Slate Engraved Slate Produced as part of a series of awards, the engraved logos and small lettering on this piece of natural slate demonstrates the fine detail that can be achieved through the laser engraving process.
Cut & Engraved Acrylic Cut & Engraved Acrylic These various samples illustrate the different effects the laser cutter can produce with clear acrylic. Crisp lines, frosted finishes, and intricately cut detail can all be combined to create interesting and attractive objects.

Laser-cut Wedding Invitations Laser-cut Wedding Invitations Our laser cutter can cut very fine detail in card as can be seen from the cut-through decorative motif on these wedding invitations. The design comprises this card outer layer featuring the couple’s initials and a paper inner layer with all the detailed information.
Laser Engraved Conference Folder Laser Engraved Conference Folder We used our laser cutter to engrave this company’s logo onto a batch of conference folders to be used as promotional gifts. The client opted for laser-engraving because it produces a subtle, textured finish that has a higher quality feel than conventional surface printing.
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"Steven’s studio is a pleasure to work with. He does excellent work and he always delivers on time. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone.” Jonathan Adams (Architect for Wales Millennium Centre) Capita Percy Thomas "Thanks very much to all the team for producing such an excellent model, the attention to detail is fantastic. I look forward to working with you again.” Carolyn Merrifield
Downs Merrifield Architects
"Modelmakers’ models are of fantastic quality, and allow us to sell our properties more effectively from plan. Not only are the team courteous and helpful, they produce the goods on time, and importantly are competitively priced.” Holly Finer
Redrow Homes
"The attention to detail and quality is exemplary and we would just like to thank you and your team for the care and effort you’ve put in. As a practice we will definitely bear you in mind if ever we are requiring models built in the future.” Kelvin Naidoo
Bryden Wood Associates
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