A big model for a mega sized warehouse.

Representing a half kilometer long warehouse, at 2.4m x 1.2m this model was close to the limit for a model that could be made in one piece whilst still being a manageable size to transport. And when I say “manageable” it still took four men to move it any further than a few meters in our workshop. We quoted for this 1:300 scale option but also showed costs for a smaller 1:400 scale version which is an equally suitable scale for these type of large industrial buildings. A further option was a cut-away roof which, as you can see, the client went for as he wanted the model to show the automated retrieval and storage system.

Two 1:400 scale models of parcel handling depot

UK Mail ordered two identical site models of their huge new facility at Ryton because they needed an overview model at either end of the site, one in the offices and one in the main warehouse building. Constructing two models at the same time enabled us to offer them a significant saving on the second unit. 1:400 scale is a good option for a site model because it keeps the base size down but still allows us to show a recognisable level of detail. We were even able to show a good representation of the parcel handling conveyors through the cut-away roof (click on the inset pic above to see the detail).