Mangled model restored to former glory.

If you’ve got a damaged model that looks beyond repair make sure you contact us before you throw it in the skip – we may be able to give it a whole new lease of life. This industrial model had been shipped to events all round Europe since 2015 (when we built it) before it got badly damaged in transit. The client asked if we could repair it and we were happy to oblige. Of course it helped that we’d made the model originally but even if your model was made elsewhere, as long as you’ve kept most of the broken pieces and can supply plenty of photos of how it looked before the damage, we should be able to restore it to its former glory at a significant saving compared with rebuilding it from scratch.

New lease of life for three 15 year old models.

We’re frequently asked to mend an existing model but this project was particularly challenging because it involved three very large, very heavy, 15 year old models, all in poor condition. Furthermore the client wanted a custom-built stand that would display the models one above the other so they wouldn’t take up too much space in their reception area. The main reception desk was made from birch-faced ply so we created this simple, sturdy display stand in the same material. The stand was designed as three separate structures that locked together when stacked on top of each other. We enjoyed repairing the models to give them a new lease of life but what made the project even more fun was designing and building a simple, elegant piece of furniture to display them on.