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An interactive model communicates so much more.
If you have a complex story to tell or a lot of information to convey, an interactive model is the most effective way to engage your audience and get your message across. The level of interactivity can range from a few buttons that light up key areas on the model to a full touch-screen interface that activates multiple lighting zones and displays on-screen information (such as the Cardiff City Masterplan model – see below).

If you look through our previous projects, you’ll see that we can also make things pop up, light up, flash, float, pulsate or rotate, all with interactive speed or direction controls. Scroll down now and see what we can do. Make sure you also click on the links for more detailed information.

Cardiff City Masterplan Model – Scale 1:750 Cardiff City Masterplan Model – Scale 1:750 1:750 is an ideal scale for masterplan models showing an overview of large redevelopment areas. This 6.5m x 5.5m interactive model of the city of Cardiff took almost 5 months to design and build. The model has been designed for use in a permanent marketing suite to promote the city of Cardiff to national and international investors. It is a fully interactive model controlled via a large touchscreen which activates over 30 different lighting zones on the model and at the same time displays relevant information pages on the screen. The screen images are also projected onto a large screen so that the information is visible to all.

GlaxoSmithKline Interactive Model – Scale 1:200 GlaxoSmithKline Interactive Model – Scale 1:200 Originally built as a static model, GSK asked if we could add an interactive element to help convey a more detailed representation of their sustainable energy and waste treatment processes. Our solution was to add a touchscreen information panel linked to area specific illumination on the model. This was the second major project we’ve completed for the blue chip pharmaceuticals manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline who demand the very highest standards from all their suppliers and sub contactors. The main aim of this model was to demonstrate how the company harnesses biogases from their waste treatment process to fuel a newly installed Combined Heat & Power facility. On the original static model colour coding of the pipes indicated the different stages of the treatment process. The addition of the interactive touch screen and pulsing lights on the model allowed us to create a much more engaging and informative presentation. View more photos on our Projects Archive.

Retirement Village London Apartments Interactive Model One of our existing clients recommended our services to Notting Hill Sales which lead to us producing this fully interactive sales model for one of their major developments in London. The interactive element allows touch-screen controlled illumination of individual apartments with floor plans visible on screen and various filter options such as number of beds, aspect, availability, etc. Due to limited space in the marketing suite, we had to use a smaller than usual scale for this type of model which made it much more tricky to build.

CryoBattery Power Station – 1:150 scale CryoBattery Power Station – 1:150 scale Although this is very much a stylised representation of a CryoBattery power station the main purpose of the model was to illustrate the operating processes of the system which uses renewable sources to compress air in tanks which can later be used to generate power. In effect, it acts as large battery to store energy for when it is most needed. To demonstrate this we’ve used interactive LED lighting effects combined with strong colours to indicate the different stages of the process. The LED illumination rises slowly upwards to the top of the vessels and then gradually drops down again to represent the “filling up” and “emptying” phases of the CryoBattery system. Visit the “Interactive Models” page to see a “lights on” view of this model.

Interactive model for British Sugar Interactive model for British Sugar After being impressed by the variety and quality of projects on our website, British Sugar came directly to us to design and build this interactive model demonstrating the sophisticated, sustainable manufacturing processes at their main sugar production facility at Wissington. The model design was based on a stylized 2D visual depicting the complex interrelated systems, beneficial by-products and energy efficiency of what is Britain’s biggest sugar beet processing plant. We had to develop this 2D layout into an informative three dimensional display model complete with directional moving lights, illuminated images, and a video presentation with on-screen interface. As you can see from the pictures, the model also had to be eye-catching and attractive with a high quality finish throughout. The client was really pleased with the finished model and informed us they wanted to work with us again in the near future – a sweet result all round!
Interactive Ships Thruster Model – Scale 1:10 Interactive Ships Thruster Model – Scale 1:10 Commissioned to be shipped to a trade show in Germany, this unusual industrial model was a real challenge because of the very complex shaped components involved and also because of the requirement for a very specific interactive element. The model needed to demonstrate the USP of the client’s product and, as such, it had to incorporate a rotating propeller (with speed control) and a movable deflector (clockwise and anti-clockwise) at 6rpm. We also had to work out how to mount the model in a cut-away view of a ship’s bows and create a cut-away view of the thruster to show the main working components.

Interactive Displays Engineered for Atkins
Interactive Displays Engineered for Atkins Designed and built for Atkins Engineers, this was one of five interactive models commissioned to reflect Atkins' huge involvement in the construction of the London Olympic Park. Each model highlights a particular aspect of the unglamorous but essential engineering work Atkins carried out at the site, from creating an artificial level surface for the equestrian event, to installing fundamental infrastructure such as bridges, water supplies and drainage. The models were used initially at an exhibition event linked with the start of the Olympics but were subsequently displayed in the reception areas of Atkins' main offices around the UK. Look at all images from this project.

Interactive models for Engineering Exhibition Interactive models for Engineering Exhibition This group of four interactive models was commissioned by the Cardiff University School of Engineering for their stand at the Royal Academy of Engineering Summer Soiree. The models were used to highlight the university’s extensive research in the field of geo-engineering (underground engineering), covering areas such as nuclear waste containment, ground source heating and other underground activities. The models represent cut-away views of the earth’s strata, using different coloured LEDs to illustrate the various processes happening in the layers of rock and sediments. The lights, which were activated by labelled buttons on top of the models, had to recreate several different effects, including linear flows, pulsing, slow fades, changing colours, random flashing, and some complex, timed sequences. See more images in our Projects Archive.

CLNR Interactive Model for Northern PowerGrid CLNR Interactive Model for Northern PowerGrid CLNR stands for Customer Led Network Revolution, a method of optimizing the power supply network based on immediate reaction to varying customer demands. The purpose of this model was to illustrate Northern Powergrid’s strategies for maximizing the efficiency of their supplies to both domestic and commercial users. The model looks deceptively simple but actually features some complex programming to demonstrate how the network adjusts to the demands of different users at different times of the day, including storing surplus power for later use. The button panel allows the user to set up varying power requirements which are indicated by lights on the model (turning red) and then press further buttons that illustrate how the demands are resolved (turning the lights green) with energy efficient systems and procedures. See more images in our Projects Archive.

Interactive Model of Data Centre Systems for International Bank Interactive Model of Data Centre Systems for International Bank Some projects are very hard to explain in just a few lines, and this is definitely one of them. The aim of this model was to provide a visual demonstration of the complex networks involved in data handling and storage for the various services of a major international bank. It was a fully interactive model with the viewer able to press seven different labelled buttons which would then illustrate through complex sequences of moving lights how the data for each banking operation is processed and stored.
Fantasy Ice Cream Machine Fantasy Ice Cream Machine The brief for this project was just a rough sketch and a verbal description - a working fantasy ice cream machine to go into a brand new, ice-white themed, children’s party room. On a very tight budget we came up with this design featuring lots of buttons to press, revolving poles, moving lights, sound effects, voice-over instructions and incorporating a working freezer in the middle as well as hoppers for dispensing various toppings. Because of the tight budget we had to keep the cabinet design very simple. The idea of the machine is that children can “make their own ice cream” and add whatever toppings they want.

Moving Lights Display Moving Lights Display Featuring pulsing white LEDs, this illuminated display illustrating the workings of a power station had to “Flat-pack” into a flight case for transport to the USA. Comprising 8 main panels, it was designed as a mobile display the client could set up themselves at different venues.
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