Ancient monument laser-cut and engraved from solid Ash wood.

This small scale, stylised architectural model was commissioned as part of a test project for a new educational play scheme for young children. The client wanted a simplified representation of this ancient monument in a pale coloured wood so we suggested laser cutting and engraving out of solid ash would be a suitable option. The main photo shows the 800mm long model photoshopped into a desert setting which is the context it will be used in. The smaller photos show the two sides of the model and a close up detail. You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

A stylised combination of walnut and clear acrylic.

As well as big, highly detailed sales models we also sometimes produce small, simple projects such as this stylised concept model for a private house. Combining walnut and clear acrylic on a black base, the model was only 160mm square so was very much a portable presentation tool for conveying the fundamental spatial organisation of the building. The project was actually a rush job in the run up to Christmas which we squeezed in round our existing commitments. It was enjoyable for us to work on something so simple and elegant compared to the high level of detail we are normally asked to produce. The architects were so pleased with the model they asked us to produce a second version for them to keep in their studio.

Wooden playground equipment models at 1:10 scale

We actually produced this set of 10 playground equipment models back in early June but we’ve been so busy through the summer we haven’t had time to update our recent projects pages. These models were commissioned by the UK’s biggest manufacturer of wooden playground equipment and were for use at exhibitions. The main picture above shows the models at their first event. It was enjoyable for us to work with real wood for a change rather than the usual plastics, resins, etc. The client was really pleased with the how the models looked and is planning to commission more models of other designs for future shows.