Detailed models of three historic sites.

Back in 2021 we completed three models of megalithic tombs for a Heritage Centre in Northern Ireland (see Recent projects – May 2021) and they were so pleased with them they came back to us for three more models which we’ve just completed. As you can see from the photos above, they were three very diverse sites; a ruined church, a disused Water Mill and a landmark Cairn but hopefully we’ve captured the spirit and character of each of these three historic sites. All the models had to be interpreted from very limited information, chiefly consisting of images from reference books in conjunction with current site photos.

Detailed model with extending fold-down ramp.

At 1:25 scale this model of an aircraft boarding system was only 450mm long but as you can see from the photos we were able to include plenty of realistic detail including scaled down branding and and even a fold-down ramp. The finished model also came with a clear Perspex cover and a foam lined transportation case.

Mangled model restored to former glory.

If you’ve got a damaged model that looks beyond repair make sure you contact us before you throw it in the skip – we may be able to give it a whole new lease of life. This industrial model had been shipped to events all round Europe since 2015 (when we built it) before it got badly damaged in transit. The client asked if we could repair it and we were happy to oblige. Of course it helped that we’d made the model originally but even if your model was made elsewhere, as long as you’ve kept most of the broken pieces and can supply plenty of photos of how it looked before the damage, we should be able to restore it to its former glory at a significant saving compared with rebuilding it from scratch.

Topographical landscape model.

Featuring the site of a gas-fired power station on the Pembrokeshire coast, this large topographical model was built at 1:1000 scale which is an ideal scale option for a large spread-out site. At this scale 1 millimetre represents 1 metre so a 2Km long site fits onto a 2m long base which is big but still manageable, as long as you have space in your marketing suite. Even though the scale is small it still allows us to show a recognizable level of detail for any important buildings whilst any surrounding context buildings can be shown as massing blocks which helps to keep costs down.

Topographical contour model in 4 sections.

Orkney Islands Council asked us to produce this stylized representation of the Scapa Flow area which was to be used for marketing events and as focal point for internal meetings. Due to the size of the model (1.8m x 1.4m) it was constructed in four sections that could be stacked in a flight case for storage and transportation but could also be quickly fitted together when required. Although the islands show a simplified representation of the contours at 25m steps, the main purpose of the model was to illustrate the water depths in Scapa Flow and the surrounding seas. Sea charts normally show the deep areas in lighter blues but because this model was going to be viewed by mixed audiences the client asked us to reverse this colour coding and show the deeper areas in the darker colour. If you click on the main pic to enlarge it you’ll notice we also supplied a Perspex overlay which shows the relative size of Edinburgh to Scapa Flow. This is the third project we’ve completed for Orkney Islands Council this year.