A room divide with a difference!

We don’t just do models! When our website guys “Designer Websites” asked if we could come up with a quirky installation for their refurbished meeting room we suggested this “designer” partition wall featuring custom-made tiles and a hidden door. They needed to divide the room and we felt this was a more interesting solution than a painted stud partition wall with a standard door. The tiles are made from back-sprayed clear acrylic using colours from their logo and arranged in a pattern they designed themselves. The flush fitting “secret” door closes automatically to avoid the need for a handle on the facing side. The whole installation was built in our workshop in three sections so that it could be delivered and installed on site with minimum disruption. Designer Websites were keen to get us involved because all the main refurbishments in the room (floor, signage, table, blinds, etc.) were provided by other companies they’d built websites for – a good opening talking point for meetings with potential new clients.

The partition and secret door can be seen at the beginning of this video:

Cut-away view of turbines and sluice gates

Designed and constructed within two weeks for a presentation at the House of Commons, the main problem we had with this model wasn’t the tight deadline but how best to show an underwater view of the power generating turbines at the heart of this renewable energy project. We also had to illustrate different water levels on the inside and seaward side of the lagoon structure. Our solution was to create the water as a thin clear layer with a sprayed on rippled, surface finish and then cut out large viewing “windows” on either side of the turbine structure. This allowed clear low angle views through the turbines as can be seen from the inset pic above.