Landscape Models & Topography Models

Our expert model makers can create bespoke masterplan models and topographical landscape models to depict very large areas. These models typically use a 1:1000 scale, meaning that each real-life metre is represented by 1mm on the model.

Because of this, the amount of detail that can be shown on the model is fairly limited, with simplified massing blocks to represent buildings. That said, we have created some very intricate masterplan models using the 1:1000 scale – including a model of a school that included clear acrylic windows (see ‘Detailed White School Model’ below).

Here are some examples of the landscape and topography models we have created over the years:

Power Station site model Power Station Site Model at 1:1000 Scale Topographical landscape model.

Featuring the site of a gas-fired power station on the Pembrokeshire coast, this large topographical model was built at 1:1000 scale which is an ideal scale option for a large spread-out site. At this scale, 1 millimetre represents 1 metre – so a 2km long site fits onto a 2m long base, which is big but still manageable as long as you have space in your marketing suite. Even though the scale is small, it still allows us to show a recognisable level of detail for any important buildings whilst any surrounding context buildings can be shown as massing blocks which helps to keep costs down.
Model for public consultation Model for Public Consultation 1:1250 scale landscape model.

This 2.5m x 2.5m model was commissioned as part of a public consultation process for a proposed development just off the M1. Comprising 6 A0 sized sections, the purpose of the model was to demonstrate how high embankments and landscaping around the site would screen it from surrounding villages. For this reason it was important that the proposed on-site levels and surrounding topography were all accurately recreated. The buildings are only shown as massing blocks due to the small scale (1:1250).

Megalithic tomb models for heritage centre image 1
Megalithic tomb models for heritage centre image 2
Tomb Models for Heritage Centre Realistic landscape model.

The Maghera Heritage Centre in Northern Ireland commissioned us to create these unusual models of local megalithic tomb structures. It was a technically challenging project because it was important that the stones were accurately shaped and positioned and had a realistic looking finish. We also had to make sure that the landscaped setting looked convincing and didn’t detract from the realistic appearance of the stones. The client was very pleased with the finished models and it was very enjoyable for us to apply our architectural model making skills to some very different types of man-made structures. A year later they came back to us for three further models.

Cardiff City Masterplan Model Cardiff Bay Marketing Model 1:1000 scale masterplan model. Built to illustrate the proposed scale of several major development areas in a prime waterside location, this model used illumination to highlight the key sites in the project. Each of 11 different plots can be illuminated individually at the touch of a button. Even at 1:1000 scale, this model is 6 metres long by 5 metres wide and had to be built in 8 sections so that it could be transported and set up at different locations. It is a smaller, mobile version of the model shown on the 1:750 Models page.

Redevelopment Area Planning Model Redevelopment Area Planning Model We’ve made several models for local government-backed redevelopment areas, and this was the third such project in the last couple of years. Winning all of them through a strict tendering process, we had to demonstrate that we could deliver outstanding quality at a competitive price. This small scale model was used to illustrate the masterplan for the proposed redevelopment of a huge decommissioned steelworks site.
Llanelli Waterside Masterplan Model Llanelli Waterside Masterplan Model Commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government through an exhaustive tendering process, this model’s purpose was to illustrate the new infrastructure and planning proposals for a major new development area in the docks and coastal fringes of Llanelli, South Wales. The model showed new road links, new residential areas, and commercial development areas. It also used button-activated fibre optic lighting to highlight six different development zones.

Tidal Lagoons Leisure Facilities Tidal Lagoons Leisure Facilities
Tidal Lagoons Turbines Station Tidal Lagoons Turbines Station
After completing these two white styled models of the Swansea Lagoons tidal energy project, we were surprised to discover they had been the focal point for a presentation to the Prime Minister David Cameron (apparently they couldn’t tell us beforehand for security reasons). The models are both at 1:1000 scale and show two different areas of the proposed lagoon structure. If you click on the images to enlarge them you’ll see that even at this small scale (1mm represents 1 metre) we can show a high level of detail.

White School Model White School Model For such a small scale, this model offers a very clear demonstration of the roofscapes and general massing of this proposed new group of school buildings.
LNG Gas Terminal LNG Gas Terminal This landform model was created for an exhibition informing the local community about a major redevelopment of a disused refinery site on the West Wales coast line.

Planning Model For Housing Planning Model For Housing This model had two interchangeable central sections to demonstrate the massing of the existing disused industrial buildings compared to the proposed new housing development.
Detailed White School Model Detailed White School Model Even though 1:1000 is such a small scale, we’ve managed to show the main windows and atrium glazing in clear acrylic for this model of a proposed school design. We also installed battery-powered white LEDs to illuminate the model (click on image to see).

Water management educational model Water management educational model 1:1000 scale masterplan model. This interactive model was commissioned by the NFU as a visual demonstration to farmers of good water management practices on their land. The model shows two different catchments, one illustrating a high risk landscape with poor farming practices and the other showing a low risk landscape where the delivery of good practice minimises risks. The buttons on the front of the model activate LEDs set in the landscape to highlight different aspects of land management practice.
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