1:100 scale model of school building
1:20 scale model of industrial transformer
1:200 scale model for national house builder
1:10 scale model of military boat launch system
1:100 scale internal model of luxury health spa
1:200 scale model of waterside apartments development
Montage of fibreglass display and exhibition models
1:20 scale cut-away model of house construction detail

Professional Model Making Service

Architectural Model Making Specialists
“Modelmakers” is a long established model making company with a reputation for high quality and excellent service. Please glance to the bottom of this page at our Testimonials to see some of the comments from our satisfied customers.

We specialise in Architectural Models but also offer a wide range of other model making services including exhibition models, display models, fibreglass models, industrial models, topographical models, laser cutting and laser engraving.

Although our specialist area is architectural models, our expert team of model makers can help with all your model making requirements - from a simple concept model to a fully detailed presentation model - from a giant snowball to a purple dragon. Whatever the project, we can turn two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional reality. We can even add sound, light and movement to give your project that extra dimension.

At Modelmakers we're used to dealing with the unusual. If you need something built that's a bit out of the ordinary, we'll find a way to do it. Our broad based knowledge of model making techniques together with our extensive technical skills means we can solve just about any problem you could throw at us. Apart from anything else, the whole team at Modelmakers enjoys a challenge.

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Happy To Advise
One thing we are always happy to do is give free advice. For many of our customers, commissioning a model is a new experience and the first thing they need is basic information about the model making process. Even if you’re at the very earliest stages of considering a model, we’ll give you straight forward, down to earth advice about the options most suited to your project as well as a rough guide to costs. Please feel free to email your enquiry or ring for a quick, informal chat.
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We deliver for UK Mail - Twice
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Cardiff comes to Cannes...
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Large Housing Development Model - 1:250 Scale
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Model Making Frequently Asked Questions
As a quick guide we’ve created a “Model Making FAQ” page (Frequently Asked Questions). If you look below you’ll see an abbreviated selection of some of the most common queries covered on the FAQ link.
How much does a model cost?
There are no definitive answers to this question as every model is a unique project...
Does it matter if I am not local?
Not at all. We manufacture models for clients all over Britain and abroad. Information exchange and client liaison is all carried out via email or telephone and regular photographs keep you in touch…...
How long does a model take to build?
Just as there is no fixed price structure for a model nor is there a standard construction time...
What information is required to supply a quotation?
To provide a fixed price quotation for a model, ideally we require a fairly comprehensive set of drawings but we understand this isn’t always possible. As a basic guideline...

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